Matters of Scale - Lost Tribes

Amount spent in 1999 by the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, per refugee, per day, in the Balkans
Amount spent per refugee, per day, in Africa
Number of doctors per 100,000 refugees, in 1999, in some refugee camps in the Balkans
Number of doctors per 100,000 refugees in some camps in Africa
Number of people who died as a result of public health emergencies such as epidemics or starvation, in the largest refugee camp in Macedonia (which held 33,000 people), each day in 1999
Number who died from these causes in the refugee camps of Africa (which held up to 500,000 people), per day in 1999
up to 6,000
Amount of money the World Food Program was able to raise for food aid to Kosovo in 1999
$68.2 million
Amount it was able to raise for Liberia during a comparable period
$0.5 million
Amount of "official development assistance" given to Israel, per person, in 1996
Amount given to India, per person, during the same year
Sources: Balkans and Africa: Los Angeles Times, June 1999; Israel and India: Human Development Report 1999 (New York: United Nations Development Programme, 1999).