Matters of Scale - Driving Up CO2

Minimum average fuel efficiency required by law for light trucks, including minivans and "sport utility vehicles," Sold in the U.S.
20.7 miles per gallon
The actual average fuel efficiency of these vehicles sold this year by Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors
20.2 miles per gallon
Amount General Motors and several other auto-oriented corporations were fined after being found guilty of conspiring to monopolize the transportation industry by buying up rail systems in 83 U.S. cities and dismantling them
Amount it would cost to rebuild these rail systems today
The combined 1995 population of Africa, Asia, Oceania, and Central and South America, which that year had a total of 200 million motor vehicles
4.40 billion
The 1995 population of the United States, which also had a total of 200 million motor vehicles
0.27 billion
Area of the United States paved over by roads and parking lots
153,730 square kilometers
Combined area of all U.S. National Parks
191,501 square kilometers
Ratio of bicycles to cars in China
250.0 to 1
Ratio of bicycles to cars in the United States
0.7 to 1
Amount of carbon dioxide that a car getting 27.5 miles per gallon emits over 100,000 miles
31,752 kilograms
Amount of carbon dioxide that a human walking that same distance would produce
59 kilograms
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