Matters of Scale - Population and the Pope

"The sexual restraint of chastity is the only safe and virtuous way to put an end to the tragic plague of AIDS." -Pope John Paul II, speaking to a crowd in AIDS-ravaged Uganda in 1993
Number of people to whom one unprotected sexual encounter exposes a man or woman, if the partner had sex with three other people in the previous year, and each of those three had sex with three others the year before that, etc. when the chain of exposures is traced back over 12 years - the time HIV can take to surface
?If that one unprotected sexual encounter takes place in Paris, France, and the 531,441 people to whom it exposes the person are statistically typical of the overall population of Paris, the number of HIV-infected people to whom that person may have been exposed through the chain of sexual contact is
"What threatens the family, in fact, threatens mankind. This is even more true when one speaks of a presumed right to abortion." -Pope John Paul II, in April 1994
For every million unsafe abortions performed in the developing world (in places where abortion is illegal or difficult to obtain), the estimated number of deaths that result
?For every million abortions performed according to ordinary medical standards, the number of deaths that result
"Catholics understand and deal with the modern world. The problem that we have that the Vatican, which speaks so vehemently about the traditional family, is composed of people who have no families, who have created no families. It's a male, celibate group without any experience of trying to deal with women as equals....So, I mean, it's one thing to talk and romanticize about the traditional family when you haven't got one. It's another thing when, as ordinary Catholics do, you're really trying to raise families."<.I> -Francis Kisling, president of Catholics for a Free Choice, quoted on National Public Radio
Percentage of the population of Brazil that is Roman Catholic
?Percentage of the population of Brazil that uses family planning techniques of the kind opposed by the Vatican
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