Natural Gas and Sustainable Energy Initiative

Investigating the latest natural gas sources and extraction technologies, their environmental impact, and their potential to reduce greenhouse gases and enable widespread adoption of renewable ener


Low-Carbon Development Strategies

 Providing nations with policy advice and research on the potential and deployment of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and transportation, in order


Climate and Energy Security 2.0

Researching the security implications of transitioning international energy, industrial, and transportation systems toward green technologies.


Population, Climate Change and the Environment

Exploring the influence of population change on the world's climate and environment, and the ways that access to family planning and improving women’s lives can slow population growth.

Green Transport Jobs

Exploring policies that encourage investments in rail and transit manufacturing.


Transforming Cultures

Examining how we can shift today's consumer cultures to cultures of sustainability. 


Sustainable Prosperity

Offering solutions that enhance human wellbeing and reduce inequities while protecting the planet, and acknowledging that the global environmental and economic crises have common origins and must b



A blog that provides cutting-edge commentary on international climate and energy policy as well as updates on the work of Worldwatch’s Climate & Energy team.


Farming in Cities

Highlighting the innovative ways that urban gardeners and livestock keepers in cities from Accra to Rio are finding to feed their communities, as more of humanity lives in cities than rural areas f


Agriculture and Climate Change

Raising awareness of the food and agricultural community's important role in stabilizing the world's climate, including by eating to reduce our "foodprint" and using farming metho

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