How do I edit the Featured Researcher block?

Navigate to the Press page and hover your mouse over the top right corner of the block until you see the edit symbol (the gear icon).

How do I change the date of a publication so that its order is correct in a publication view?

Navigate to the publication's page, scroll to the Authoring section at the bottom of the page, and then edit the date to correct it.

How do I feature an item as a Current Project or Latest Published Research on the homepage, research pg, or a program area pg?

All Pages on our site can be featured as "Current Projects" on the homepage or as "Features" on program area pages.

How do I add a new bio or edit a bio?

Staff bios are attached to user profiles on our site.

How do I create or edit an event?

To create an event, go to Content Management>Create Content>Event. 

How do I create a webform for a page?

If you need to create a webform (like the one here or here), go to Content Management>Create C

How do I add a discount coupon?

  1. Navigate to Store administration > Discounts > List
  2. Click "Add discount" to the right of the "List" tab 

How can I manually update the blog feeds?

If any of the blogs are not updating as frequently as they should (approx. once an hour), you can manually import all of the latest blog content from each individual feed.

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