Oceans in Peril: Protecting Marine Biodiversity

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In Oceans in Peril: Protecting Marine Biodiversity, Michelle Allsopp, Richard Page, Paul Johnston, and David Santillo, experts with the Greenpeace Research Laboratories at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, write that more equitable and sustainable management of the oceans as well as stronger protection of marine ecosystems through a well-enforced network of marine reserves are essential to reversing the devastating trends taking their toll on oceans.

Oceans in Peril Oceans in Peril: Protecting Marine Biodiversity

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The oceans cover 70 percent of the Earth’s surface and are home to a myriad of amazing and beautiful creatures. Yet the biological diversity of marine habitats is threatened by the activities of one largely land-based species: us.

Overfishing, use of destructive fishing methods, pollution, and commercial aquaculture are all taking a toll on marine biodiversity. In addition, climate change and the related acidification of the oceans is already having an impact on marine ecosystems.

With 76 percent of the world’s fish stocks fully exploited or overexploited, and many species severely depleted, many policymakers and scientists now agree that we must adopt a radical new approach to managing the seas: one that is precautionary in nature and has the protection of the whole marine ecosystem as its primary objective. This “ecosystem approach” is vital if we are to ensure the health of our oceans for future generations.

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