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Global Hydropower and Geothermal Growth Slow

New Worldwatch Institute report examines global consumption and installed capacity of hydropower and geothermal energy sources

Global Wage Gap Continues to Widen

New Worldwatch Institute report examines discrepancies among earners and regions as well as the widening gap between wages and product

From “Light Green” to Sustainable Buildings

Worldwatch Institute examines necessary policy tools to move toward more sustainable buildings

Achieving a Sustainable Food System with Organic Farming

New Worldwatch Institute report examines the growth of global organic agricultural practices and their impact on food security and the environment

Oil Remains King, But Coal and Natural Gas Use Continue to Grow

New Worldwatch Institute report examines the global rate of coal and natural gas consumption and production

With Effective Roadmaps and Political Will, Governments Can Create Healthier, Livable Cities

Worldwatch Institute highlights solutions for more inclusive and sustainable urban development

Rapidly Urbanizing Populations Face Unique Challenges

New Worldwatch Institute report examines the growth rate of the global urban population and its social and health challenges

High Emissions, Low Ambitions

The new Climate Change Performance Index published at Doha's climate talksshow another record breaking increase in global CO2 emissions

Supporting Climate-Friendly Food Production

New Worldwatch Institute report examines the role that sustainable agriculture can play in mitigating the effects of climate change

Global Irrigated Area at Record Levels, But Expansion Slowing

New Worldwatch Institute report examines the expansion of irrigated area worldwide and its impact on natural aquifers

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