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Global Irrigated Area at Record Levels, But Expansion Slowing

New Worldwatch Institute report examines the expansion of irrigated area worldwide and its impact on natural aquifers

Climate-Related Migration Often Short Distance and Cyclical, Not International

New Worldwatch Institute report examines global migration patterns related to climate change, and their impact on international policy

Mobilizing the Global Business Community to Achieve Sustainable Prosperity

Worldwatch explores ways to transform and engage corporations to move toward a green, inclusive, and responsible economy

Global Meat Production and Consumption Slow Down

New Worldwatch Institute report examines how disease and drought have curbed global meat production and consumption

Degrowth Offers Alternative to Global Consumer Culture

Worldwatch Institute highlights the dangers of overconsumption and the possibilities of economic degrowth

On World Food Day, Supporting Agricultural Cooperatives in the Fight Against Hunger and Poverty

Washington, D.C.—Some one billion people belong to cooperatives in nearly 100 countries worldwide guarding consumers, producers, and workers against hunger, bankruptcy, and r

Global Grain Production at Record High Despite Extreme Climatic Events

New Worldwatch Institute report examines rising rates of global grain production and consumption

Using Information and Communications Technology to Create Cohesive, Sustainable Cities

The Worldwatch Institute details how information and communication technology (ICT) is promoting sustainable and inclusive cities

Auto Production Roars to New Records

New Worldwatch Institute report discusses the role of China and other emerging economies in rising global automobile production and use

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