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Protecting the Sanctity of Indigenous Foods and Cultures

Worldwatch suggests that ongoing exclusion of native peoples threatens loss of valuable sustainability knowledge 

Hefty Subsidies Prop Up Unsustainable Energy System

New Worldwatch Institute report reviews extent of global energy subsidies 

Getting to Effective Climate Change Governance

Worldwatch discusses the characteristics of governance that can be most effective in facing the converging environmental crises of the future    &nb

Global Economy Growing But May Leave Well-being Behind

As the world marks the 80th birthday of GDP, a new Worldwatch Institute report examines its inadequacy as the sole metric for prosperity

Global Air Transport Continues to Expand

New Worldwatch Institute report examines the expansion of global air transportation

Transforming Cultures to Reduce Consumption

Worldwatch examines how we can, and must, move beyond our current consumer culture to achieve a more sustainable society    

Record High for Fossil-Fuel Carbon Dioxide Emissions

New Worldwatch Institute report critically examines global greenhouse gas emissions

Military Expenditures Remain Near Peak

New Worldwatch Institute report critically examines spending priorities

Political and Social Strategies to Combat Climate Change

Worldwatch suggests moving toward collective direct action to successfully tackle key environmental issues

Worldwatch Institute Launches Groundbreaking Sustainable Energy Roadmap for Jamaica

New Worldwatch Institute Roadmap explores the renewable energy status and potential in the country

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