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Multi-Pronged Approach Needed to Fight Global Hunger

With World Food Day approaching, Worldwatch’s Nourishing the Planet team emphasizes the need for innovative hunger-fighting initiatives at all levels

Global Meat Production and Consumption Continue to Rise

New analysis highlights importance of limiting industrial livestock production to improve personal and environmental health.

Washington, D.C.—Global meat p

World Food Prize Recognizes Leadership in Agriculture, But More Policy Support Is Needed to Feed the World’s Hungry

As the World Food Prize ceremony approaches, Worldwatch’s Nourishing the Planet team emphasizes the critical role that policymakers must play in combating hunger

Same Global Economic Output Needs More Energy, Worldwatch Finds

Global energy consumption and intensity rise for the second year in a row even as global economy lags

Washington, D.C.—Global energy inten

Valuing Nature’s Services Today Is an Investment in the Future

New article identifies ways in which payments for ecosystem services (PES) help protect biodiversity and mitigate climate change

Washington, D.C.

Worldwatch’s Ochs to Receive Award Recognizing Contributions to Global Sustainability Research

Washington, D.C.—Alexander Ochs, Director of Climate and Energy at the Worldwatch Institute, will receive the Sustainable Future Award today at an event in Vienna, Austria.

Biofuels Make a Comeback Despite Tough Economy

Washington, D.C.— Global production of biofuels increased 17 percent in 2010 to reach an all-time high of 105 billion liters, up from 90 billion liters in 2009.

Despite Methane Emissions Upstream, Natural Gas Is Cleaner than Coal on a Life-Cycle Basis

New study concludes that natural gas offers greenhouse gas advantages over coal despite higher EPA estimates of methane emissions from natural gas systems.

Back to School and Back to Good Food

Worldwatch’s Nourishing the Planet team emphasizes school food programs as a means of combating obesity and unhealthy food habits. 

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