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State of the World 2005: Redefining Global Security

state of the world 2005 Acts of terror and the dangerous reactions they provoke are symptomatic of underlying sources of global insecurity, including the perilous interplay among poverty, infectious disease, environmental degradation, and rising competition over oil and other resources.

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October Feature: "Cultivating Food Security"

September Feature: "Laying the Foundations for Peace"

August Feature: "Disarming Postwar Societies"

July Feature: "Building Peace Through Environmental Cooperation"

June Feature: "Water Conflict and Security Cooperation"

May Feature: "Containing Infectious Disease"

April Feature: "Changing the Oil Economy"

March Feature: "Population and Security"

February Feature: "Security Redefined"

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Symposia on State of the World 2005: Redefining Global Security


On Feb 28 and Mar 1, 2005, the Institute for Environmental Security and Worldwatch Institute co-organized symposia on State of the World 2005: Redefining Global Security at the Peace Palace in The Hague and at the European Parliament in Brussels. The proceedings of the two events with links to a media kit, program agendas, speeches and discussion, and lists of participants can be found at the IES Web site, through the link below.

Visit the Symposia Website.

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