Vital Signs Facts

vs graph Vital Signs is an easy-to-use desktop reference to the trends that are shaping our future. Covering everything from wind energy to sea level rise to military expenditures, and more, Vital Signs uses succinct analysis, graphs, and tables to take the world's pulse on critical environmental and social issues. Some of the most compelling facts and trends from Vital Signs 2005 and Vital Signs 2003 are compiled here within this online portal.

Environmental Disasters Raise Refugee Numbers

At least 25 million people became environmental refugees or were displaced by natural disasters and large-scale development projects, such as dam construction, in 1995. This number is projected to double by 2010, growing by almost 8,500 a day.

Small Islands Feel the Real Heat of Climate Change

In the 20th century, melting ice masses and ocean expansion due to warmer waterscaused global sea levels to rise some 10-20 centimeters.

Advertising and Films Fortify Tobacco's Hold on Youth

Smoking kills nearly five million people every year, accounting for one out of every ten adult deaths.
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