Worldwatch in the News

Selected news clips from around the world with mentions of the Worldwatch Institute.

Bush to back bioethanol - but benefits are in the balance

New Scientist

The beginning of a new international trading platform for bioethanol is expected to be announced on Friday, when US president George W Bush meets with Brazilian president Luiz Inacio "Lula" da Silva.

In search of sustainability - Designers ponder how to beat global warming

Pasadena Star News

PASADENA - Across the nation, awareness is growing about global warming and the fragility of the environment. It takes more than awareness, though, to make a difference. At Art Center College of Design this week, 100 industry movers and shakers got together to trade ideas about how to translate that recognition into action.

Worldwatch: Our Urban Future


By the end of this decade, there will be nearly 3.5 billion city-dwellers. The annual State of the World report, prepared by our allies at Worldwatch, has long been one of the most critical resources for understanding the problems facing our planet and their possible solutions. This year's report, though, Our Urban Future, is even more prescient and vital than usual...

Cities 'lead the way in climate fight'

The Age

In an increasingly urban world, the most innovative ideas in the fight against global climate change are coming from cities and local initiatives, an environmental think-tank reports...

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