Bo Normander, European Director

Contact Information
Title: European Director
Phone: +45 2087 1933

Bo Normander is the Director of Worldwatch Institute Europe. As Worldwatch’s work in Europe is expanding, the Institute decided in early 2011 to establish a European office based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Bo is the initiator and leader of setting up the new office. He is a dedicated and experienced professional with a lifelong interest in environmental and development issues. His qualifications are founded on a high academic level combined with a strong personal motivation, political commitment, and entrepreneurship.

Bo speaks frequently to business, university, and policy audiences and appears regularly in the national and European media.
Before joining Worldwatch in 2010, Bo was a Senior Advisor and Researcher at the National Environmental Research Institute (NERI) at Aarhus University, where he led Denmark’s State of the Environment reporting. Bo earned a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Denmark’s Technical University and a PhD in Microbial Ecology from NERI. He has led and participated in a number of national and European research projects on environment, biodiversity, and sustainability issues.
Bo is also the Chairman of the Danish Ecological Council and former editor of the Global Ecology magazine.
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Selected Publications

Normander, B. et al. (2011): Indicator framework for measuring quantity and quality of biodiversity - Exemplified in the Nordic countries. Ecological Indicators (in press).

Normander, B. (2011): World's forests continue to shrink. Vital Signs Online. Worldwatch Institute.

Normander, B. et al. (2009): State of the Environment 2009 - Part A and B: Denmark’s environment under global challenges.National Environmental Research Institute, Aarhus University.

Normander, B. et al. (2009): State of biodiversity in the Nordic countries. TemaNord Report 509. Nordic Council of Ministers.

Normander, B., Haigh, T., Christiansen, J.S., Jensen, T.S. (2008): Development and implementation of a near-real-time web reporting system on ground-level ozone in Europe. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 4:505-512.

Normander, B. (Contributor) (2005): The European Environment - State and outlook 2005. Part C - Country analysis. European Environment Agency. State of Environment 1/2005: 408-523.