Milena Gonzalez, Research Associate, Climate and Energy Program

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Department: Research
Title: Research Associate, Climate and Energy Program

Research Associate

Milena Gonzalez is a MAP Sustainable Energy Fellow working with Worldwatch’s Climate and Energy Team. While her work supports the Institute’s wide portfolio of climate and energy issues, she is focusing her research on the Latin American region. Before coming to Worldwatch, Milena completed her M.S. in Atmosphere/Energy in June 2013 and her undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering in June 2012, both at Stanford University. 

While at Stanford, she conducted research on the synthesis of films for photo-electrochemical cells. She was a leader of Engineers for a Sustainable World-Stanford, a student group that works on engineering-based challenges through partnerships with international NGOs and communities. She has also worked on design projects through the, specifically with Stanford ChangeLabs in an integrated rainwater harvesting system for communities in rural India. She spent two summers working in Panama, first for AES in a rural electrification project to benefit communities surrounding a large-scale hydroelectric power plant, and later for CATHALAC, an international organization that promotes sustainable development through applied research in integrated watershed management, climate change, and environmental modeling.