Vital Signs 2005 Spokespeople

Contact: Darcey Rakestraw
Ph. 202.452.1992 x517

* = in DC
+ = outside author/former staff member

Theme Worldwatch Researcher Contact E-mail
-General overview of Vital Signs 2005
-Connections and themes among Vital Signs issues
-Global Ice Cover Melting
-Global Job Market
Lisa Mastny
-Weather-Related Disaster Costs
-Global Public Policy Networks
Molly Aeck*
-Economic Growth
-Foreign Direct Investment
-Cigarette Production
-Consumption Patterns
-Socially Responsible Investing
Erik Assadourian*
-World Trade
-Ecotourism and Socially Responsible Travel
-Air Travel Trends
Zoe Chafe*
-Fossil Fuels Christopher Flavin*
-Millennium Development Goals Hilary French*
-CEO and Worker Pay Levels
-Bicycle Production
-Forests -Air Pollution
Gary Gardner*
-Grain Production
-Agriculture Subsidies
-World Hunger
Brian Halweil
-Nuclear Power Nicholas Lenssen+
-Meat Production and Consumption
-Population Growth
Danielle Nierenberg*
-Vehicle Production
-Violent Conflict
-Military and Peacekeeping Expenditures
-Nuclear Non-Proliferation
Michael Renner
-Wind Power
-Fossil Fuels
-Solar Energy
-Climate Change Indicators
Janet Sawin*
Howard Youth+