World Summit Resources Now Available

World Summit Resources Now Available


In Washington DC: Susan Finkelpearl -Tel: 1-202-452-1992 ext. 517

In Johannesburg (from August 23 to September 4): Leanne Mitchell -Tel: +27-(0)83-412-1251

Experts Attending the World Summit

Christopher Flavin, President. Specializes in climate and energy issues and is also available to speak on broad environment and development issues with an international perspective. He attended the Rio Summit.

Hilary French, Director of Global Governance Project. Specializes in issues of Global Governance and has been closely following international environmental treaties and negotiations since the Rio Earth Summit, which she attended the Rio Summit.

Molly O'Meara Sheehan, Research Associate. Specializes in cities, slums, and urban sprawl.

Payal Sampat, Research Associate. Focuses on mining, fresh water, industrial ecology, information technology and the environment, and human development issues.

Online Resources

Worldwatch and the World Summit
This is an excellent jumping off point for learning about the Summit and linking to other online resources.

From Rio to Johannesburg Interactive Timeline: Traces key moments in the environmental movement over the past 30 years.

From Rio to Johannesburg Symposium: Listen to a recent briefing on the Summit with Nitin Desai and Jan Pronk of the UN as well as other members of the US, Brazilian, and South African governments.


World Summit Policy Briefs: This series provides short, snapshot introductions to the main issues to be explored at the Summit and suggests possible lines of action.

State of the World 2002: This year, Worldwatch dedicated its flagship publication to the WSSD. It includes an overview of environment and development progress since Rio and a foreword by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. E-mail Susan Finkelpearl, for a press copy.

Reading the Weathervane: Climate Policy from Rio to Johannesburg: In this first review of global climate change policy since the 1992 Earth Summit, author Seth Dunn calls for the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol and an end to voluntary commitments. E-mail Susan Finkelpearl, for a press copy.


Please contact Leanne Mitchell in Johannesburg (+27-83-412-1251) or Susan Finkelpearl in Washington, DC at 202.452.1992 x517 or for more information or to schedule an interview.