World Watch Magazine: Jan/Feb 2003: Gardening Resources

Where to start

The American Community Gardening Association (ACGA) (at offers much detailed information on gardening and a listserv of hundreds of community gardeners who are willing to discuss the intricacies of gardening and offer assistance to fellow gardeners. Its links page ( ) has a list of community gardens across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom and articles on a diverse set of topics from how to start a community garden to how to garden with children and the elderly.

City Farmer at is a comprehensive website containing information on practically every aspect of gardening and information on just about every region of the world (except Antarctica).

Food Security and Urban Agriculture

Food Share at offers information on how to start community gardens, and how to cook and prepare the food you grow, and offers an occasional on-line workshop.

For a comprehensive bibliography on urban agriculture research around the world, check the Resource Centre on Urban Agriculture & Forestry at

Horticultural Therapy

For a brief introduction to horticultural therapy ( ) try the Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association. For a more comprehensive investigation, check out the Department of Horticulture at Virginia Tech’s website at

Try Thrive,, a United Kingdom Horticultural Therapy Organization for information and links to horticultural therapy programs around the world

To learn more about the beneficial effects plants can have on the lives of people, check out Plants for People at and at the University of Illinois’ Human-Environment Research Laboratory at

Environmental Regeneration

For information on how the global food system is impacting the world’s environment and local communities, see Worldwatch research associate Brian Halweil’s paper Home Grown: The Case for Local Food in a Global Market ( )

For more information on starting a local environmental initiative, see the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives at

For more on greening your rooftop, check out GreenRoofs at


Please note that although we have included links to external websites to help you find useful information, we cannot endorse those websites or guarantee their accuracy.