China Watch Logo Washington, D.C. — Today the Worldwatch Institute launched its China Watch news service ( reporting on developments in energy, agriculture, population, water, health, and the environment in China. This new online feature is a joint initiative of Worldwatch and the Beijing-based Global Environmental Institute (GEI), made possible through the support of the Blue Moon Fund.

Momentous developments in the past year illustrate China's increasingly crucial role in shaping the global future. "With its relatively modest endowment of natural resources, China is now using its foreign exchange earnings from manufacturing to draw in resources from around the globe," notes Worldwatch Institute President Christopher Flavin. "China is now the world's largest consumer of steel and cement and the second largest emitter of carbon dioxide. Only the United States will have a greater impact on the ability to sustain a healthy global economy in the coming decades."

China Watch will draw the world's attention to new developments in China that could have a major global impact. The new service builds on the Worldwatch Institute's internationally respected research to provide busy decision-makers in government, business, and non-governmental organizations with timely updates and hard-hitting analysis of trends in China. "China Watch fills a key gap in global reporting of issues vital to China's economic, social, and environmental health," says Jennifer L. Turner, head of the China Environment Forum at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars and a contributor to the service.

By distilling compelling data and analysis on China's emerging economic, policy, and advocacy landscape into easy-to-read, Web-friendly news, China Watch updates will reflect the latest information available from both Chinese and English language sources including academic experts, research institutes, the media, policymaking organizations, and NGOs. Key developments in China will be reported and analyzed for China Watch by the project's Fellows, Yingling Liu and Zijun Li, and contributor Lila Buckley will provide on-the-ground reporting from Beijing. The project is also supported by Worldwatch's Senior Editor, Lisa Mastny; Communications Manager, Darcey Rakestraw; and Web Manager, Stephen Conklin.