Worldwatch Releases Worldwatch Global Trends

Washington, D.C.—Worldwatch Global Trends, an online resource of data tables, charts, and PowerPoint slides, is now available from the Worldwatch Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based research organization. Worldwatch Global Trends (formerly known as Signposts) contains 216 datasets of leading environmental and social indicators, putting decades of research at the fingertips of educators, students, journalists, and others who need fast-and-easy access to key global statistics.

Current trends include 180 updated indicators and 36 new ones, among them new datasets for water in the category of Agriculture, Food, and Water; China's trade in the Economy category; and biofuels in the Energy category. They also include a brand new Ecosystems and Biodiversity category, with statistics on wetlands and species loss. Individual indicators in Worldwatch Global Trends include:

  • Annual Growth Rate in World Population, 1950-2004
  • World Sugar and Sweetener Consumption, 1961-2004
  • World Fertilizer Use, 1961-2002
  • Global Tanker Oil Spills, 1970-2004
  • Top 5 Paper Recyclers, Industrial Countries, 1980-2000
  • Wars and Armed Conflicts, 1950-2004
  • World Oil Production Per Day, 1950-2003

Each of the Worldwatch Global Trends indicators is now available for purchase and download on Worldwatch's web site at for of $1.00 per indicator. Each trend is represented by charts, graphs, an Excel spreadsheet for manipulating the raw data, and PowerPoint slides for use in classroom and boardroom presentations.