Sources and Resources for “Sea Power”


General articles on OTEC:


U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory: "What is Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion"


Luis Vega, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Primer 


National Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority,

"A Brief History of OTEC Research at NELHA"


Makai Ocean Engineering,

"Deep Pipelines for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion" (Makai Ocean Engineering)


Offshore Infrastructure Associates

"History of OTEC"


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Library of OTEC papers, from the Bjelkeman Companies



On using deep water for cooling:


Makai Ocean Engineering

"SeaWater Air Conditioning"


National Geographic

"The AC of Tomorrow? Tapping Deep Water for Cooling"


Cornell University Facilities Services

"Lake Source Cooling"


Government of Hawaii, site on energy


C. Hoffman, "The Mad Genius from the Bottom of the Sea," Wired, June 2005