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Eye on Earth e2 - Eye on Earth, a service of World Watch Magazine in partnership with the Blue Moon Fund, provides our community with a unique perspective on current events, newly released studies, and important global trends. This update service offers context to critical world events that are seemingly disparate yet often closely related, highlighting the connections between human consumption and the natural world, while telling the stories of individuals and organizations that are supporting new approaches to resource use, energy use and urban development. Eye on Earth presents the news of today with an eye towards tomorrow, illustrating how current events will shape our own future and that of generations to come.

Food Prices Surging, Raising Hunger Concerns

Wheat fieldThe growth of biofuels, the impacts of climate change, and the rising prosperity of developing nations are all driving retail food prices to their biggest annual increase in 30 years, according to the Financial Times.

Energy Efficiency: Saving Energy, Money, and the Environment

Compact Florescent Light BulbMost experts agree that energy efficiency is the “low-hanging fruit” in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and avoiding looming energy shortages.

Eye on Mali: Jatropha Oil Lights Up Villages

Jatropha curcas plant, used to make oil in MaliSome 700 communities in Mali have installed biodiesel generators powered by oil from the hardy Jatropha curcas plant to meet their energy needs, according to Reuters.

Biodiversity Can Provide Mental Health Benefits

Biodiversity is good for urbanites’ mental healthBiological diversity in city parks and green spaces can have psychological benefits for humans, according to a new study from the United Kingdom.

Climate Change Makes Mountaineering Riskier

Shanghai trafficMountaineers and scientists in Nepal warn that rising temperatures are changing weather patterns and increasing the risk of deadly avalanches in the Himalayas.

UN Refugee Agency Turns to Tree Planting

Rwandan refugee camp in east ZaireThe United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR, has pledged to plant more than 9 million trees in areas of human displacement this year, enlisting both refugees and host communities to meet this goal.

One-Stop Shopping for the Eco Consumer

Rendering of Green ExchangeA proposed real estate development in Chicago aims to serve as the central location for a range of eco-oriented stores and businesses, from an organic café to a “green” interior designer to a socially conscious investment company.

Eye on Singapore: Urban Gardens May Cool Cities, Among Other Benefits

Growing potted plantsA growing culture of urban gardening in Singapore and other major cities in Asia may hold the key to reducing city temperatures, Reuters reports. Apartment dwellers who tire of endless rows of concrete buildings have resorted to planting vegetables in boxes, trees in troughs, and even lawns on concrete yards.

South Pacific to Be Protected from Destructive Fishing

fisher with trawl netMore than 20 South Pacific nations have agreed to restrict bottom trawling—an invasive form of fishing that can devastate marine habitats—in areas with vulnerable ecosystems, according to the BBC.

Island Nations Invest in Sustainable Solutions to Address Climate Change, Other Threats

coral reefAround the world, small island nations whose existence is threatened by climate change and other environmental dangers are pioneering innovative technologies to both help the environment and foster economic growth.

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