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Eye on Earth e2 - Eye on Earth, a service of World Watch Magazine in partnership with the Blue Moon Fund, provides our community with a unique perspective on current events, newly released studies, and important global trends. This update service offers context to critical world events that are seemingly disparate yet often closely related, highlighting the connections between human consumption and the natural world, while telling the stories of individuals and organizations that are supporting new approaches to resource use, energy use and urban development. Eye on Earth presents the news of today with an eye towards tomorrow, illustrating how current events will shape our own future and that of generations to come.

Historic Atlantic Crossing Powered by Sun

sun 21 boatThe first solar-powered boat to cross the Atlantic Ocean arrived in New York Harbor on Tuesday after more than five months at sea.

Renewable Energy Powering U.S. Tribal Homes

Lakota solar powerThe Rosebud Tribe of the Lakota Sioux Nation in the United States is taking steps to make renewable energy an integral part of tribal housing, according to the conservation group and project partner Trees, Water & People.

Study Says 1 Billion Threatened by Sea Level Rise

flood A sudden swell in sea levels could be catastrophic for more than a billion people living in low-lying areas, according to researchers with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

Solar Power Reaches 100,000 in Rural India

indian familyA solar photovoltaics (PV) pilot project in India has transformed the lives of approximately 100,000 people living in poverty-stricken rural regions by providing several hours of uninterrupted lighting every night.

Cities Offer Own Response to Climate Change

New York City On April 22, Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City announced a 25-year plan to create “the first environmentally sustainable 21st-century city.” But the 127 projects, laws, and initiatives the mayor proposes—from charging drivers US$8 a day to enter Manhattan to increasing the energy efficiency of new buildings by 20 percent—are only a handful of the many local-level environmental policies cropping up across the United States.

Worldwatch Perspective: Security Council Discussion of Climate Change Raises Concerns About "Securitization" of Environment

Flooding in Chennai. IndiaOnce the focus of considerable skepticism, both climate change and the concept of environmental security have moved squarely into the mainstream.

Russia to Resume Limited Hunting of Polar Bears

polar bearIn an effort to protect its dwindling polar bear populations, Russia is planning to partially lift its five-decade ban on hunting the bears in the northern Arctic, the New York Times reported recently.

Road Safety Week Highlights Scale of Traffic Deaths Globally

Family on scooterThis week, in an effort to increase awareness about the deadly impacts of traffic accidents, the United Nations (UN) is sponsoring the first annual Global Road Safety Week.

Extreme Poverty Drops Below a Billion

World Bank LogoNew estimates from the World Bank show a continuous decline in world poverty rates during the first four years of this century.

Government Attempts to Tamper With IPCC Report Don't Muffle Message

U.N. FlagThe latest report from the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has surprised many with its dire warnings of the catastrophic potential of climate change.
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