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Eye on Earth e2 - Eye on Earth, a service of World Watch Magazine in partnership with the Blue Moon Fund, provides our community with a unique perspective on current events, newly released studies, and important global trends. This update service offers context to critical world events that are seemingly disparate yet often closely related, highlighting the connections between human consumption and the natural world, while telling the stories of individuals and organizations that are supporting new approaches to resource use, energy use and urban development. Eye on Earth presents the news of today with an eye towards tomorrow, illustrating how current events will shape our own future and that of generations to come.

NGO Brings Lighting Services to Poor Households in India

LED lanternsA new nongovernmental organization is forming a critical link between poor communities, renewable energy providers, and local banks in southern India.

Plastic Bottles: A Boon or a Bane?

Plastic BottleIn Bintaro, South Jakarta, people are reusing plastic bottles to make clean water and save money, according to the Inter Press Service (IPS).

Harry Potter Fights Evil, Saves Trees

Eco-friendly Harry PotterHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the latest installment in the popular children’s book series, will be the “greenest book in publishing history,” according to the non-profit group Markets Initiative.

Abu Dhabi Aims to Shift World’s Thinking on Energy

Dr. Sultan Al Jaber and Phillip ClayA major boost for renewable energy research and development is coming from an unlikely source: Abu Dhabi, the capital of the oil-rich United Arab Emirates.

Companies Commit to Reducing Climate Risks

UN European HeadquartersMore than 150 companies from around the world signed a declaration to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency at the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit in Geneva on July 5 and 6.

WHO Analyzes Countries' Environmental Health Problems

Desktop ComputerThirteen million deaths could be prevented worldwide each year by improving the health of the environment, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Sudanese Wildlife Migration Defies Odds, Rivals Serengeti

Herd of TiangDespite 25 years of ongoing civil war, significant wildlife populations have survived and flourished in southern Sudan, according to a recent aerial survey of the area conducted by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the regional government.

Computer Sector Cooperates to Save Energy

Desktop ComputerA new effort to unite computer manufacturers, retailers, and consumers in energy conservation was launched in Silicon Valley, California, on June 12.

Youth Bring Low-Cost Solar Panels to Kenyan Slum

KCYP project members cutting panelsNairobi’s Kibera slum, one of the largest informal settlements in sub-Saharan Africa, is home to an innovative new solar panel assembly program.

“Model” Dam Encounters Similar Problems As Previous Projects

Nam Theun RiverAfter a decade-long break from financing large dams, the World Bank began supporting a controversial new hydropower project in Laos two years ago.

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